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  • Council OK’s hoarding resident
      Somerset District Council has granted resident Michael Legg permission to use his front garden to store old doors and window frames due to his hoarding tendencies. Legg had originally used the property as a place of business and had been granted planning permission in 2002 to use his bungalow for retail purposes. In... Read more »
  • Man arrested after recording himself tampering with traffic cameras
    Stephen Ruth, 42, of Centereach, New York, has been arrested after he posted videos of himself changing the position of red light cameras set up on an intersection in the US. Ruth used a painter’s pole to adjust the cameras so they would look up into the sky and couldn’t record, and... Read more »
  • Man charged with attempting to halt plane
    Marc Rehmar, 58, has been charged with endangering public transportation and hindering transportation after he attempted to stop an airplane from taking off. Rehmar arrived at Denver International Airport intending to get on a flight to his high school reunion in Ohio. However, when in the departure lounge Rehmar saw the airplane leaving... Read more »
  • “Quadriplegic” conman get prison sentence
    A conman who pretended to be both quadriplegic and in a coma to avoid going to trial has been found guilty of perverting the course of justice. Alan Knight, 47, along with his wife Helen, 34, from Sketty Park in Swansea, have both admitted to pretending Mr Knight was too ill to... Read more »
  • Cheese smugglers arrested in Russia
    Members of a cheese smuggling gang have been arrested in Moscow after it was discovered they were importing illegal western cheeses into Russa. Six people have been arrested after 470 tonnes of western cheese were discovered in a office building in Russia’s capital. The cheese is thought to be worth approximately two... Read more »


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