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  • Man arrested after attempting to smuggle birds through airport in his underwear
    A man has been arrested after attempting to smuggle nine live birds through airport security by hiding them in his underwear. The man, currently unnamed, was caught by US Customs and Border Protection officials at Miami International airport. The officials searched the man and discovered he had hidden six birds in a... Read more »
  • Judge rules monkey does not own image copyright
    A judge in San Francisco has ruled that a monkey does not own the copyright to his own image after a challenge was brought by the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The case began last year when PETA attempted to obtain a court order that would have seen them use the money... Read more »
  • Man begs to be sent to prison after sexual relations with a donkey
    It has been reported that a man has begged a judge to put him in prison after he was tried for having sex with a donkey. Gideon Swartzentruber, a 21-year-old farmhand, was caught having sex with a female donkey in September 2015. He had been caught with the donkey by the donkey’s owner... Read more »
  • Police write hilarious tweets concerning cocaine haul
    Scottish police posted a series of messages on social media site, Twitter, after they recovered a quantity of cocaine at a residence on the isle of Skye. The Lochaber and Skye police force tweeted “If you get back to your house tonight on Skye and realise your cocaine is missing – we... Read more »
  • British man deported after comparing sausage dish to horse penis
    A British man has been deported from Kyrgyzstan after he compared a local dish to a horse’s penis on social media. Michael McFeat, an employee of Centerra Gold mining company, was attending a meal with colleagues from Kumtor gold mine in Eastern Kyrgzstan when he was presented with a traditional dish made... Read more »


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