Student sued by university for graduating too quickly

Student sued by university for graduating too quickly

A German student has been slapped with a lawsuit for overachieving by his economics university the School of Economics and Management (FOM) when he completed his degree in a quarter of the expected time.

Marcel Pohl, 22, was able to complete his Bachelors and Masters degrees – consisting of 60 exams – within three semesters, when usually it should take 11.

The university is now demanding that he pay them €3,000 to cover the fees for the semesters he should have taken.

Mr Pohl told the Bild newspaper: “When I got the lawsuit, I thought it couldn’t be true. We didn’t get any freebies, and we agreed our plans in advance with the school.”

He and two friends fast-tracked their way through their courses by attending different lectures at the same time and then swapping notes.

While studying, Mr Pohl also completed an apprenticeship with a bank. He is now employed by a bank in Frankfurt.

His lawyer Bernhard Kraas said: “We’re always against slow students. But when someone hurries and finishes early, suddenly he has to pay. That can’t be right.”

A university spokesman said: “We do not want to comment on the case before it has reached court.”


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