Rock n’ roll fan takes the highway to jail – four times

Rock n’ roll fan takes the highway to jail – four times

A woman in New Hampshire, USA, was trying to enjoy her Tuesday afternoon by playing some rock music, including AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses, but it seems not all her neighbours shared her taste in music.

She was interrupted by the police several times as she turned the volume of her stereo up to the point that those not sharing her taste in music complained.

53-year old Joyce Coffey was arrested four times in just a little more than 24 hours. It all began with complaints pouring into the police as the AC/DC hit song ‘Highway to Hell’ was blasting out from Coffey’s house. The police duly arrived and gave her a warning, and she was asked to lower the volume so that she could continue to enjoy her music without bothering others.

Jailhouse rock

Coffey’s love for loud music could not be stopped, and thus began her road to jail. Coffey didn’t keep her music down and, as a result the police returned to her home half an hour later and arrested her. The police, not wanting to waste any time, acted quickly once she was brought into the station and Coffey was released after an hour.

After her quick visit to the jail Coffey went back to her home and celebrated by putting her music on and pumping up the volume.

Unsurprisingly, complaints kept on coming in and the police had to pay Coffey another visit. She was arrested for a second time, but her re-encounter with the police didn’t last too long. She was soon released, and returned home to her music.

Born to rock

Coffey simply couldn’t give it up.

In total, she was arrested four times within a time frame of 26 hours. The fourth time, however, differed from the previous ones as it didn’t concern her turning the volume up to eleven. When the police were called to arrest her a fourth time the matter related to an allegation of domestic disturbance; her nephew claimed that she had thrown a frying pan at him when he went to her house to get some of his belongings.

Coffey remains in jail for now, and the judge in charge of her matter has recommended that she uses headphones in the future when she gets the urge to listen to her tunes. The judge has also ordered a mental-health evaluation.

Whether headphones are the answer or not remains to be seen. As she didn’t say to the judge, you can’t always get what you want.

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