Emigration Law: Essential Tips For Expats & Migrant Wannabes

Emigration Law: Essential Tips For Expats & Migrant Wannabes

reveals 11 million Brits are thinking of
leaving the UK within the next two years to live abroad.  If you’re one of them
(or you’re already an expat), there are three essential things you need to think about:

1. UK Taxation

allows you to apply for to claim tax relief or repayment of  both before and after you leave the UK. 

on your circumstances, you may have to pay UK , , , and/or  even if you qualify as a non-resident.  The rules are very
complicated, so seek advice from a solicitor who specialises in and .

2. Taxation Abroad

You may escape the clutches of the UK tax authorities, but you still have to pay taxes abroad (unless you move to
a tax haven).  And, as noted in The  recently, do not expect a foreign tax
system to work exactly like the one in the UK.  France has a “wealth tax;” Australia has a “foreign investment fund tax;” and neither France or
Hong Kong has an equivalent to PAYE, so you
have to put money aside to pay tax if you live there.

3. National Insurance, Pensions, & Benefits

Obtain a State Pension Forecast by filing an Application for a with HM Revenue & Customs, and read , which provides vital information regarding
social security benefits abroad, e.g., how to remain eligible for a full UK
state pension, make National Insurance contributions, and access free or reduced
healthcare (in certain countries).

Additional Information & Advice

You can obtain further information about emigration on .  Alternatively, you may wish to speak with a
solicitor who specialises in .  You can be in your area for free via
solicitor matching services, which can also help you to understand the best
course of action for your situation and whether you are ready to hire a

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