iPhone Explosions Just ‘Isolated Incidents,’ Say Apple

iPhone Explosions Just ‘Isolated Incidents,’ Say Apple

So where exactly do you carry your iPhone?  In your pocket?  You might want
to rethink that strategy…

Over the past year, the press has released a number of stories about iPhones
and iPods exploding.

In the latest incident, Romain Kolega, a French teenager, was using his
girlfriend’s iPhone and it began to “crackle and pop like a deep-fryer.”  It
then exploded and sent shards of glass into the boy’s face.

This follows a case in Britain earlier this month where an iPod in Liverpool
allegedly exploded and flew “10ft into the air.”

In the Netherlands, apparently an iPhone caught fire and burnt through a car

And in Sweden, an iPod was implicated in a car fire that almost incinerated
the owner’s dog.

Now, the European Commission has decided to investigate the claims.  On
Tuesday, an EU official reported that Apple view the explosions as “isolated

Last year, however, following a warning from the Japanese government that
iPod Nanos represent a fire risk, Apple offered to replace batteries in some of
the devices.

Significantly, in June, Apple recalled all first-generation iPod Nanos in
South Korea following reports of exploding batteries.

And in July, an American TV station
obtained documents from the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission,
which showed there have been 15 cases of burn and fire-related incidents
involving iPods across the pond.

The search is now on to find an app that can safely identify and detonate
rogue iPhones before they explode… 😉

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