Neighbours & Anti-Social Behaviour

Neighbours & Anti-Social Behaviour

(ASB) encompasses virtually any
intimidating or damaging behaviour that scares you or damages your quality of
life.  If you experience problems with anti-social neighbours you should write
to your local authority and ask them to investigate.  You can also request that
the police become involved.

After receiving your complaint, your local authority will evaluate whether or
not there is enough evidence to apply to the local court for an (ASBO).  An ASBO tells an
anti-social person to cease behaving in a certain way for a specified period of
at least two years – a typical ASBO lasts ten years, but can be imposed

Any breach of an ASBO by the anti-social person constitutes a criminal
offence that can carry penalties of up to five years’ imprisonment.

** Additional Information & Advice **

In addition to contacting your local authority and police about an
anti-social neighbour, it may be wise to to get help, particularly
in extreme cases.

You can be in your area for free via solicitor
matching services, which can also help you to understand the best course of
action and whether you are ready to hire a solicitor.

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