UK Immigration: New Student Visa Rules Hit The Headlines

UK Immigration: New Student Visa Rules Hit The Headlines

Foreign students play a big role in the UK’s cultural and economic wealth and
help make the country’s education sector one of the finest in the world.  In
2008, tuition fees from international students totalled over £2.5 billion. 
Earlier this year, however, the government completely overhauled the immigration system – including the rules for obtaining international student

To obtain a visa under the new points-based immigration system, foreign
students must prove that they can afford their tuition fees 28 days before they
apply, secure at least £600 a month to pay living expenses (and £400 a month for
each dependant), and keep it all in a bank account in their own name for the
first year of their study.  They also need a biometric identity card and must
have received their exam results by the time they apply.

Many in the education sector feel the new rules are too stringent and put
people off studying in the UK.  Diana Warwick, chief executive of Universities
UK, says:

“We know the UK Border Agency (UKBA) is working hard to ≠process applications
in … We remain concerned, however, that the system may delay or deter
international students who wish to study in the UK.  This is our busiest period
for student visa applications and there are worrying indications of problems
with the operation of the system overseas.”

Indeed, the estimates up to 20% fewer foreign students
will enroll at UK universities this autumn, compared with what was expected for
this year.

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