Immigration 101: Adult Student Visas – Can I Apply? (#37)

Immigration 101: Adult Student Visas – Can I Apply? (#37)

No. 37 – Adult Student Visas – Can I Apply?

All people aged over 16 years old who want to come to the UK (or remain here)
to study can apply for an adult student visa.

16 and 17 years olds should be aware that they can choose whether to ,
depending on the type and level of course they want to study.

You do not need a student visa if:

  • you are an or Swiss national;

  • you are a citizen, unless you are from one
    of the sovereign base areas in Cyprus;

  • you are a citizen with permission to enter or stay in the
    UK because at least one of your grandparents was born here; or

  • you have no conditions or time limit attached to your stay in the

** Additional Information & Advice **

You can obtain further information about  on

As discussed in a , the UK government introduced earlier this year – so
instead of researching online, you may prefer to speak with a .

You can be , which can also help you to understand the best course of action
for your situation and whether you are ready to hire a solicitor.

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