Immigration 101: Adult Student Visas – Education Providers (#41)

Immigration 101: Adult Student Visas – Education Providers (#41)

An approved education provider is a student’s immigration sponsor while they
are in the UK and must comply with a number of duties.

The education provider must be approved by the UK Border
Agency (UKBA) and have a licence to bring students to the UK. 

Once they are licensed, they are given a rating and added to the
UKBA ; they can also issue visa
letters to people who want to apply for student visas.

Once an education provider has been chosen, the student should ensure it is
on the ; if the provider is not on the
register, it will not be able to sponsor the student for a visa.


Once an education provider is licensed, it is given either an A-rating or a
B-rating.  B-rated education providers are working with the UKBA to improve the
management of their duties, and to get an A-rating.

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