Harper Collins Product Recall For Baby Book

Harper Collins Product Recall For Baby Book

Harper Collins has issued a product recall for the following product:

Product: Usborne Publishing Baby’s first book (boys edition)

ISBN: 9780746087930

Title: Baby’s first book (boys edition)

Binding: Cloth

Batch Number: 90594

Date code: JFMAMJJ SOND/09

Price: £9.99

What’s happened:

Harper Collins are recalling the book as small parts have been found in a French and Finnish edition of the book, which present a choking hazard to children under 3 years old.  The small parts are caused by the dinosaur spots coming away on the fifth page of the title due to the stitching perforating the fabric.

Harper Collins are asking consumers to return the book to the retailer where they originally purchased from and to discontinue use immediately.

As yet, Harper Collins say they have not had any complaints about the English language edition of the book, but have decided to recall all books from this batch from all markets.

The products affected are in Batch number 90594, which was available for sale between August – December 2009.

What you should do:

To identify which products are affected the relevant Batch number can be found on the bottom of the packaging on the top line, reading JFMAMJJ SOND/09 90594

Customers who have bought a copy of the title with this batch code should take it back immediately to their stockist where they shall be given a refund.

If the book was received as a gift you can contact HarperCollins directly on the numbers below.

If you would like any further information please contact HarperCollins Distributers on 0870 787 1722 or email Enquiries@harpercollins.co.uk

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