Leeds Firm Closed Down For Preying On The Sick & Elderly: Part 2

Leeds Firm Closed Down For Preying On The Sick & Elderly: Part 2

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  • The company made untrue and fraudulent representations to a finance company by falsely claiming that it had taken deposits from customers of at least 25% of the sales price, when the company had actually taken smaller deposits from customers.
  • In almost 20% of the sales files seen by the Investigator, there was no copy of  a customer sales order.  The company failed to supply these missing sales orders and it was thus not possible to establish with certainty that a customer had signed and knowingly entered into a contract with the company.
  • The company used the same objectionable and inappropriate sales techniques previously carried on by two previous connected companies, Powermatic Adjustable Beds Ltd and QOL Ltd.

CIB Investigations Supervisor Alex Deane said:

“This company preyed on the elderly and vulnerable.  The average age of its customers was over 79 and the oldest was 97.  The methods they used to gain entry into people’s homes and the conduct of sales people once they got there were unacceptable.  In some cases we discovered products had been marked up by more than a thousand per cent.  Companies that adopt these tactics should know that CIB can and will investigate and, where appropriate, take action against the companies and individuals concerned.”

In addition to the winding-up of the company, The Insolvency Service has also disqualified three individuals involved in More Than Mobility and its predecessors from acting as directors or directly or indirectly taking part in the management of limited companies.  The three are: company Secretary Amanda Goor, disqualified for 5 years; Damian Robert O’Reilly, disqualified for 6 years; and Lorraine Bryan, director, disqualified for 7 years.

The proceedings against the company were further strengthened by information produced to CIB’s investigators by the Scambusters Team of Yorkshire and The Humber Trading Standards Group.

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