Marriage And Divorce: Experts Say Steer Clear Of Dancers…

Marriage And Divorce: Experts Say Steer Clear Of Dancers…

A paper to be published in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology shows that people working in stressful jobs or ‘extrovert environments’ are more likely to divorce.  very helpfully provides a list of ten professions to avoid as your search for the ideal spouse:



 Chance of divorce


 Dancers and choreographers  43.05%


 Bartenders  38.43%


 Massage therapists  38.22%


 Nursing, psychiatric, & home health aides  28.95%


 Entertainers, performers, & sportspeople  28.49%


 Baggage porters and concierges  28.43%


 Telemarketers  28.10%


 Waiters/waitresses   27.12%


 Roofers  26.85%


 Maids and housekeeping cleaners  26.38%

While dancers, choreographers and bartenders have around a 40% chance of divorce, agricultural engineers,  reports optometrists, dentists, clergymen and podiatrists are all in occupations which carry a 2-7% chance of family breakdown.

Chartered occupational psychologist Dai Williams told the paper:

“This is a fascinating piece of research containing all sorts of surprises.

“It won’t amaze anyone that relationships frequently break down under the pressure of jobs involving long hours and unpredictable working patterns.  Or that if you work in an extrovert environment, you will have more chance to meet other people and develop competing relationships.  Opticians, who have a low divorce rate, meet lots of people, but don’t have the time to chat them up.

“But what is interesting is that those involved in caring professions experience a high level of break-up.  This might be because they spend too long caring for other people at the cost of their own families, or because they are naturally sensitive people who are more vulnerable and sensitive in their own relationship.”

 notes that chefs, secretaries and mathematicians share a 20% chance of being divorced or separated; journalists and urban planners have a 18% chance; librarians, dieticians and fitness instructors have a 17% chance; while travel agents, writers and police share a 16% likelihood of divorce – slightly above firefighters and teachers. 

And despite their long hours, or perhaps because of them, chief executives had only a 10% chance of experiencing marriage breakdown, slightly above pharmacists, dentists and farmers. 

Apparently agricultural engineers are the least likely to divorce – less than 2% of their relationships break down.

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