Age In The Workplace: Harman Heralds Working ‘Wellderly’ – Part 2

Age In The Workplace: Harman Heralds Working ‘Wellderly’ – Part 2

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Ms. Harman believes that people should not be forced to work beyond 65, but should at least have the option of choosing to do so. 

And any change in the law would have no affect on when people can claim the state pension.

She also wants workers over 65 to be given the legal right to request part-time work and to work from home.  Employers could lawfully decline such requests, but would have to provide one of eight valid reasons for doing so.

In her speech to the “Challenges for Our Age’ conference sponsored by  (the new charity created by the merger of and ), Ms. Harman also criticised advertisers and the media for their depiction of older women:  Advertisers’ “airbrushing [pictures of older women] is rooted in the sexist notion that the sexual attractiveness of a woman in the ‘reproductive years’ is the most important characteristic for a woman and which places no value on experience and wisdom in a woman.”  And “while the broadcast media finds it possible to value the older man as having experience and wisdom they don’t seem to be able to value the older woman in the same way,” she said.

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