Divorce Gift Lists, Splitting Up Parties… UK Separation Pandemic?

Divorce Gift Lists, Splitting Up Parties… UK Separation Pandemic?

reports Debenhams has launched a new divorce gift list service.  Traditionally  as economies come out of recession, so the big question for 2010 is this: will the new service outperform the more established wedding gift list business?

Well, quite possibly.  The divorce industry has become an established part of the economic landscape.  Okay, Hallmark hasn’t started printing ‘Happy Divorce’ cards yet (as far as I’m aware); friends don’t wrestle over expensive separation bouquets; and nobody buys a divorce dress or divorce cake (unless it’s a ).  But as any self-respecting socialite knows each week brings another invitation to some kind of divorce party or splitting up bash; PR agents harass tabloids on a daily basis to win column inches about their celeb clients’ divorces; and, according to some, the ‘s really starting to take its toll.

So, it would genuinely seem as though the UK is in the throes of a separation/divorce pandemic!

Debenhams told writer Lisa Bachelor (yes, that’s her real name…) that on average marrying couples include 120 items on their wedding gift list, including iPods and holidays.  She concludes her article by saying: “Friends and family may be hoping a divorce list is rather cheaper.”  Here, here.

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