iTrust You… Not

iTrust You… Not

A new iPhone app – iTrust – has the power to catch snoopers red-fingered everywhere say its designers .

The app’s targeted at consumers who leave their iPhones unattended, but don’t want loved ones snooping through emails and text messages when they’re not around.

According to :

“iTrust takes a screenshot of your homescreen (which you can take by pressing Sleep+Home at any time) and sets it as a full-screen background.  If someone tries to use your phone while it’s running, they’ll see what looks like a regular homescreen, but won’t be able to do anything with it – it’s a dead image.  Whatever they try to do, however, is saved in an excruciating, slo-mo simulated screen recording.”

Take a look at this video to see how the app works:


An increasing number of relationships end because one partner finds incriminating evidence on their loved one’s phone.

Apparently 67% of British women regularly check their boyfriends phones to ensure they’re not playing away.

So could iTrust be the answer for two-timing cheats and adulterers?  Well, perhaps.  The app only costs 59p.  Hardly a huge expense.  But activating a phone’s passcode lock is probably more effective – it costs zilch and offers complete security (unless someone knows your passcode).

Maybe wise to end here.  This post is starting to read like ‘Adultery 101’… and I’m a tad concerned about increased scrutiny from her indoors.

But before we close, let’s all try to keep an eye on this story.  Who knows maybe it’ll affect divorce rates, something like that?

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