Massage Therapist Denies Groping Clients At Luxury Health Spa

Massage Therapist Denies Groping Clients At Luxury Health Spa

Massage Therapist Denies Groping Clients At Luxury Health Spa

A massage therapist standing trial on five counts of sexual assault denied groping clients at Leicester Crown Court yesterday.  Four women allege Batini Mpofu assaulted them during rub downs at luxury health spa Radgale Hall, near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

One of the women told the court Mpofu slowly moved his hands from her lower back, to her bottom and then between her legs:

‘I thought maybe his hand slipped.  I was shocked, then I felt him do it again.  He asked me, “How’s that?”  I said, “That makes me feel uncomfortable”.

‘I touched my towel (over her chest) to make sure I was covered.  He said, “Don’t worry, I won’t do there”.  But he put his hand under my towel and in a sweeping motion he touched on, and around, my breasts.

‘He said: “You love being touched, I can see it on your face”.

 ‘I told him I was staying at the spa with my boyfriend.  He said: “‘If your boyfriend could see me doing this to you he wouldn’t be very happy”.

‘I left the room feeling sick, nauseous and was shaking.’

The 27-year-old lodged a complaint with the spa manager who offered to give her a voucher for a free full-body massage as compensation.  The woman refused.  ‘The way I felt, I didn’t want another massage,’ she said.  ‘I didn’t take it up.’

Another victim said she booked Mpofu for a back and shoulder massage and then consented to a full body massage after he offered to provide a free ‘taster’.  She told the court: ‘He went too high up my leg, inside my leg.  He raised the knicker elastic on the sides.  He touched my knickers and crotch area.’

And one of the alleged victims worked with Mpofu.  After she stopped him touching her crotch and breasts, she claims he became ‘weird’ and asked her: ‘What’s wrong with you?’

The last of the alleged victims said Mpofu slid his hands into her underwear and touched her breasts.  ‘I was thinking, “I’m at Ragdale Hall – it has an excellent reputation”.”  When the masseur tried to touch her between her legs, and she realised the masseur was “aroused”, she immediately stopped the session and called the alarm.

The reports none of the alleged victims knew each other and have all given similar accounts of what happened to them at the £200-a-night hotel, which was voted Europe’s best ‘destination spa’ in 2007.

Mpofu denies sexual assault.  When asked if he found his last client attractive, he replied: ‘I don’t look at my ladies in that way.’

The hearing continues.

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