UK Age Discrimination: 42-Year-Old Banker Wins Big

UK Age Discrimination: 42-Year-Old Banker Wins Big

A 42-year-old London banker has won his case for  against one of Canada’s largest banks after he was made  during the credit crunch.

An employment tribunal in south London found Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) was unable to demonstrate its decision to dismiss Achim Beck, a senior derivatives salesman earning £900,000 a year, “was not significantly influenced by his age.”

Damages will be determined at a later date but CIBC face a potentially hefty pay-out for breaching .

The report CIBC dismissed Mr. Beck ostensibly as part of a broader exercise.

The employment tribunal found, however, that CIBC had already drafted a plan to recruit new personnel fitting a “younger, entrepreneurial profile” and even began consulting head-hunters before Mr. Beck was dismissed.

Andrew Harrop, head of public policy for  and , said: “The outcome of this case is not only good news for Achim Beck, but for all those who face .  We hope it will give other people the confidence to challenge employers if they feel they are the victim of ageist attitudes.”

Note:  and  will merge in Spring 2010.  The new combined charity will be known as Age UK.

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