Unite Union Indignant Over Edwards Redundancies Video

Unite Union Indignant Over Edwards Redundancies Video

Okay, so we’ve had “you’re fired” by fax, “I want a divorce” by text, and all sorts of shenanigans over the phone…  Now UK electronics manufacturer  have really gone and done it.

Yesterday, the company announced via video message that it intends to cease all manufacturing at its Burgess Hill and Shoreham factories and move the work to new plants in Korea and the Czech Republic – with the resultant loss of 220 jobs.

As if that weren’t bad enough, instead of consoling the redundant employees, says the video “.”

A statement released by the company reads: “Edwards is announcing a series of proposals to strengthen its focus on innovation, globalise its manufacturing base and align itself more closely with its customers. “

Unite union regional officer, Janet Henney, was indignant: “This is another example of the UK skilled manufacturing base being decimated for the benefit of a profit driven private equity company. 

“The company have paid little regard to the UK economy, our skills base and least of all to those who have to go home today and tell their families of their loss.

“Another blow has been dealt to British manufacturing with this announcement.  The time for this abuse of British jobs must end now.”

Whilst Shaun McHale, senior Unite steward at the Shoreham site, commented: “This is a devastating announcement especially given the cooperation that we have given the company over recent years to retain a UK based skilled workforce.”

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Generally, a job must disappear for an employee to be made redundant.  But it can also happen if someone else’s job disappears and they are moved into your job, making you redundant – known as redundancy bumping

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