Childcare & Legal Protection Only £65 A Month!

Childcare & Legal Protection Only £65 A Month!

An American friend forwarded me a link this week to find out about a truly unique individual called Toby Jones.

The friend told me Mr. Jones offers combination childcare and legal services in Oakbrook, Illinois.

And get this – for only $99.99 (£65) per month per child!

It just sounded too good to be true, so I decided to investigate…

I started with the link my friend sent me.  This took me to ad on YouTube, reproduced for your benefit below.

I also recommend visiting the entrepreneur’s , where he promises:

With our legal services you can:
   * Sue Somebody
   * File A Divorce

   * Sue Somebody’s Baby
   * Find A Baby Daddy
   * File a 2nd Divorce
   * File a 3rd Divorce
   * Get A Pre-Nupt So The 4th One Don’t Get Anything

   * Counter-Counter Sue Somebody Because They Counter-Sued You

There’s even a link to a guestbook where you can input “what you want done, how many kids you have and how you going to pay“.

The guestbook has several entries, including the following from someone called “Old Curtis”:

Hey Toby,

I want to sue myself because I got drunk and took some of my own advice … which led to an incident where I was arrested for public intoxication while driving an electric shopping cart.

In addition to childcare and legal services, Mr. Jones also offers (or claims to offer…) and .

So all indications are he’s just kidding around.

But I could be mistaken… 😉

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