Iberian Lynx Inherit Three Million Euros

Iberian Lynx Inherit Three Million Euros

Little is known of the Spanish lady who left three million euros (£2.8 million) to Iberian lynx in AndalucÌa except she died in October 2008 aged 60; never married; came from the Canary Islands; her initials were S.V.L; and, of course, she really loved animals.

Barely 200 Iberian lynx remain in the wild, making them the world’s .  AndalucÌa’s  – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – has a six-year captive breeding programme to save the animal from extinction and has been handed responsibility for putting the deceased’s three million euros to good use.

Spanish newspaper reports a British woman and long-time resident of M·laga, Annette Sonia Stock, also left her entire estate to DoÒana National Park recently.

As for the lady from the Canaries, apparently her philanthropy did not stop with just saving the lynx: another Spanish newspaper, , reports she bequeathed a grand total of nine million euros (£8.3 million) to animal charities!

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

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