John Terry Allegedly Paid Veronica Perroncel £750,000 Hush Money

John Terry Allegedly Paid Veronica Perroncel £750,000 Hush Money

reports John Terry paid lover Vanessa Perroncel £750,000 in hush money to stop her speaking out about the affair.

The costly gambit failed, however, after the story broke three weeks ago and he then lost his  against the Sunday newspaper News of the World.

However, the gag has prevented Perroncel – until recently the girlfriend of Terry’s former Chelsea teammate, neighbour and fellow England player Wayne Bridge – accepting a “six-figure offer” for her story.

Still, a case of “too little, too late” as far as the  is concerned – England manager Fabio Capello stripped Terry of his captaincy over the weekend.

Terry was reportedly “devastated” about the decision but still believes he “could return as captain once the dust settles.”  “There is every reason for me to fight to get the armband back,” he’s reported to have said. 

But Terry has received criticism from all corners, including Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe and Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams.

The latter says “society too easily tolerates adultery”.  “Clearly, a lot of people think there isn’t a problem there and that’s a pity because adultery is adultery,” Williams told a reporter.  “It’s a shame that we lost that sense that faithfulness matters.  I’d like to see it back.”

Of course, the only opinion that really counts is that of Terry’s wife Toni.  She fled to Dubai shortly after the story broke to escape press attention and mull over whether or not to divorce Terry.

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