Knicker Nicking Ex-Mayor Faces Two Years In The… Nick

Knicker Nicking Ex-Mayor Faces Two Years In The… Nick

A knicker nicking ex-mayor was jailed for two years this week after breaking into the homes of three women and stealing their underwear.

reports Ian Stafford, 59, burglarised properties in the Lancashire towns of Preesall, Poulton-le-Fylde and Stalmine between 1 January and 26 June last year. 

Female residents called the police after multiple pairs of underwear disappeared.

One woman became so worried she installed a hidden camcorder in her bedroom.  reports she videoed a half-naked man break in, rummage through her drawers, and don the knickers before performing a sex act.

Bachelor Stafford worked as a handyman at the victim’s homes and it didn’t take long before the police identified him as the culprit.  According to , officers found “a haul of underwear” in his possession.

Stafford resigned as mayor of Preesall (population 5,314) shortly after his arrest.

“This has been a distressing ordeal for the victims involved, all of whom had let Mr. Stafford into their homes, trusting him to carry out maintenance,” said Lancashire Police Detective Constable Steve Montgomery.

“They certainly did not expect him to search for, and steal, their possessions.  There has been a breach of their trust in a very intimate nature.”

“The victims are relieved that the court process is now over.”

Stafford served as mayor of Preesall for four years.  Jill Marr, 63, who worked alongside him as Mayoress, couldn’t believe it when he was arrested:

“I always thought of him as a very quiet man who was a regular church-goer and very popular in the village.

“He was always extremely courteous and polite to me.”

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