Premier League Footballers In Tax Probe Over Image Rights Income

Premier League Footballers In Tax Probe Over Image Rights Income

According to the , HM Revenue & Customs has set its sights on a number of high-earning Premier League footballers who receive image rights payments.

The paper claims current arrangements allow players to avoid paying an estimated £100 million a year in tax for off-field earnings by receiving payments indirectly via service companies they own.

The players’ companies pay , but only at rates of 21% or 28%.

This allows players to avoid paying at rates of up to 40% (and soon ).  Players and clubs also avoid having to pay .

Overseas players have even more to gain from the status quo: many own service companies based abroad – for example, in tax havens like the British Virgin Islands – which allows them to avoid paying even more UK tax.

Recently, in the case between , the court heard the player receives £760,000 a year for his image rights.

Given Rooney currently sits a little lower on the  than a number of his England teammates, it’s conceivable that the likes of John Terry, Frank Lampard, and Rio Ferdinand earn £1 million or more a year in image rights payments. 

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