TNT Workers Sue Company Over Pay Cuts

TNT Workers Sue Company Over Pay Cuts

The reports that 15 workers at delivery company TNT have commenced legal action after the firm imposed pay cuts at two depots – Atherstone and Kingsbury – in North Warwickshire.

The pay cuts total £110 a week in some cases.

What are my options if my employer cuts my pay without my consent?

  1. Obviously, you can accept the pay cut and carry on working.
  2. Alternatively, you can seek legal advice.  A solicitor may advise you to:
  • Carry on working, albeit under written protest making it clear that you do not accept the pay cut and are treating it as a breach of your employment contract.  In these circumstances you retain the right to seek compensation and/or a declaration from the courts that your employer must abide by your original employment contract.  Subject to meeting certain length of service requirements, you may also claim .
  • Quit and claim .  This is less likely, but possible in some situations.

As for the TNT workers, their lawyer Alan Lewis of  had this to say:

“The starting point is to recognise that an .

“If an employer is contemplating reducing employees’ salaries, then they would be best advised to attempt to seek agreement with their workforce so that such a change can be implemented by consent.

“In the current recession many employees are likely to agree to a reduction in salary if this is seen as an alternative to them being made redundant or placed under the threat of .

“The fact that employees can accept the new terms and conditions of employment but still pursue a claim for  is regularly overlooked by both employers and even some lawyers.”

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