UK Immigration: Major Student Visa Changes Effective This Week

UK Immigration: Major Student Visa Changes Effective This Week

The UK Border Agency has implemented three major this week for .

1. Visa letters obsolete

As of February 22nd,  have become obsolete.  This means all  must provide a  (CAS) in their application.  All applications that do not contain a CAS will be automatically rejected.

Important Note:

Even if a student has a visa letter issued before 22nd February, they can no longer use it to apply for a Tier 4 student visa.

will need to provide students with a CAS reference number, their sponsor licence number, plus all the other information they will need when making their application – this other information is sometimes called a ‘CAS statement’.

A CAS statement may contain:

  • the student’s name;
  • the student’s date of birth;
  • the title of the course the student is enrolled on;
  • the course start and end dates;
  • details of any financial sponsorship/deposits taken;
  • documents that should be included as part of an application to prove qualifications;
  • a CAS reference number; and
  • an ATAS certificate (if appropriate).

2. Sponsorship management system

In addition sponsors must now report via the  on students who have used a CAS in an application to us.  For further guidance, visit the .

Note also that before a sponsor can issue a confirmation of acceptance of studies, they must perform a transition exercise on the sponsorship management system.  If they have not yet done so, again they can find full details on the .

This week also sees two other changes to the Tier 4 sponsorship management system:

  1. Users can now create a new CAS from the details of a previous CAS created in a batch.
  2. A sponsor’s main study site address will be mandatory for the assignment of a CAS.

3. New application forms

The UK Border Agency has also published revised guidance and application forms for Tier 4 student visa applicants.  Visit the  to take a look.

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