Cameron To Publish Tory Marriage Proposals Before Election

Cameron To Publish Tory Marriage Proposals Before Election

At the weekend, David Cameron pledged the Tories will publish detailed proposals for family and tax law reform before the general election.

Up to now, the party has merely issued vague promises to , leading many to question how on earth they intend to fund the tax breaks…

As recently highlighted in the excellent , many Tories aren’t too happy about their leader’s stance on subsidising marriage through the tax system.

One party official said the people behind the policies have “their hearts are in the right place, but loads of their stuff is ropey.”  “They just seem to make up statistics or use dodgy assumptions.” 

Another described the proposals as “mostly rubbish” and said senior Conservatives have made some “wholly indefensible claims.”

Perhaps sensing how divisive the proposals had become, Cameron seemed to inch away from them recently.  But this only served to alienate the small yet powerful evangelical Christian section of his party.

Consequently, in an unscripted speech to the spring conference in Brighton, Cameron decided to reaffirm his commitment to introduce .

It will be interesting to see what response this gets from the electorate.  Even more interesting, how will the secular wing of his party react and how much detail will he reveal?

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