Demand For Skilled Migrant Workers Remains High Despite Recession

Demand For Skilled Migrant Workers Remains High Despite Recession

A recent labour market survey commissioned by the shows that the recession has not dampened demand for migrant workers.

Around one in five (19%) employers recruited migrant workers in the final three months of 2009. The demand for migrant labour was highest in healthcare (37%) and further and higher education (39%).

Among those employers that recruited migrant labour, more than three-quarters of healthcare (77%) and further and higher education (73%) organisations primarily hired highly skilled migrant workers.

Gerwyn Davies, the report’s author and public policy adviser, comments: “Despite rising unemployment, employers are still struggling to recruit the people they need and we are turning abroad to plug the gap.

“Through a combination of recruiting migrant workers to fill UK vacancies, or outsourcing work to locations abroad, employers are looking to strike the right balance between the skills for the job and the cost reductions needed to meet budget targets.”

As the above statistics suggest, public sector employers are more likely to hire migrant workers than private sector employers (24% compared to 15%).

However, only 7% of employers are planning to recruit migrant labour during the first quarter of 2010.

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