Lord Mayor of London Condemns Tory Immigration Plans

Lord Mayor of London Condemns Tory Immigration Plans

The Lord Mayor of London, Nick Anstee, has joined , the City lobby group that represents many of London’s biggest companies and banks, in condemning Tory immigration plans.

The Conservative Party launched their election manifesto earlier this week promising to introduce an annual limit on immigration – regardless of the needs of the economy or skills shortages.

In a speech at Mansion House, Mr. Anstee said: “The UK needs to guard against any attempt to block skilled immigration or access to the global talent pool. Capital can move very easily, so can talent.

“Globalisation is part of our DNA in the City. For our part, we will always champion an immigration policy which favours and welcomes overseas skilled citizens to spend some of their career in London.”

The reports London First is also concerned about Tory immigration plans. The group says its members feel the restrictions have been floated to “appease the populist voice” while ignoring the message sent to the rest of the world.

As a recent labour market survey commissioned by the showed, the global economic downturn has not dampened the demand for highly skilled migrant workers among UK employers – a fact often forgotten in the highly politicised debate over economic migration.

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