Colin Hendry Declared Bankrupt

Colin Hendry Declared Bankrupt

Former Blackburn Rovers defender Colin Hendry – a totemic figure in Scottish football during the 1990s, and nicknamed “Braveheart” by his fellow professionals — has been declared bankrupt by Blackpool County Court.

Hendry, 44, of Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, received a demand for payment from his creditors on 12 March. In response, he applied for an  — which would have enabled him to come to a binding agreement to repay the debt over a period of 5-6 years — but this was rejected by 55% of his creditors.

The extent of Mr Hendry’s debts remains unclear, but the reports he owes over £1m to HM Revenue & Customs because of an unpaid tax bill and “thousands of pounds” to other creditors.

In a glittering playing career, the father-of-four widower earned 51 caps for Scotland and made 515 professional club appearances.

What is bankruptcy?

If there is no prospect of repaying a debt over £750 within a reasonable period, either you or your creditor(s) can ask the court for a . If the court grants the order, it will freeze your assets and appoint either a trustee in bankruptcy or an insolvency practitioner to take over your financial affairs. This person will have power to sell your assets – excluding basic household goods, clothing and trade tools – to pay your creditors.

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