Emergency Budget 2010: Key Tax Provisions (Part 2)

Emergency Budget 2010: Key Tax Provisions (Part 2)

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Inheritance tax (IHT)

The IHT threshold (the level at which you’ll need to pay tax) remains frozen at £325,000 until 2014. So while the Liberals compromised on VAT, the Conservatives compromised on IHT, as they .

Capital gains tax (CGT)

The Liberals wanted an increase in the main CGT rate from 18% to 40%. What they got was a mere 10% increase to 28%. The standard rate will remain at 18%. Moreover, the entrepreneurs’ lifetime relief rate will remain at 10% and will be extended from the first £2 million to the first £5 million of gains made over a lifetime.

Corporation tax

The main rate of corporation tax (payable on profits of £1,500,001 or more) will fall from 28% to 27% in 2011-12, with further reductions to 26% in 2012-13, 25% in 2013-14 and 24% in 2014-15. Thus, taxes for UK big business will soon be the — for how long, however, remains to be seen.

The small profits rate of corporation tax (payable on profits between £0-300,000) will also fall from 21% to 20% in April 2011. 

Bank levy

A bank levy based on banks’ balance sheets will be introduced effective 1 January 2011. It is proposed that the levy will be set at a rate of 0.07%, with a lower initial rate of 0.04% in 2011. The exact rates will be confirmed later this year. 

Alcohol and tobacco duties

With a nod to the Liberal Democrats’ traditional supporters in the west country, the coalition has scrapped the 10% increase in cider duty announced in April. All other alcohol and tobacco duties will remain the same.

Landline Duty

The 50p landline duty scheduled due to come into effect in October (to fund investment in next-generation broadband) has been scrapped.

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