Health and Safety Law: Cameron Decries ‘Compensation Culture’

Health and Safety Law: Cameron Decries ‘Compensation Culture’

David Cameron has appointed former Secretary of State for Employment and Secretary of State for Trade and Industry David Young as an adviser on health and safety law and practice, with specific instructions to report on “the rise of compensation culture”.

Young is expected to publish his recommendations later this summer. He will begin his role as advisor by investigating “concerns over the application and perception of “, together with the supposed rise of the “compensation culture” over the last decade.

Announcing the review, Cameron said:

“I’m very pleased that Lord Young has agreed to lead this important review. The rise of the compensation culture over the last ten years is a real concern, as is the way health and safety law is sometimes applied.

“We need a sensible new approach that makes clear these laws are intended to protect people, not overwhelm businesses with red tape. I look forward to receiving Lord Young’s recommendations on how we can best achieve that.”

Commenting on his new role, Lord Young said:

“Health and safety law is essential in many industries but may well have been applied too generally and have become an unnecessary burden on firms, but also community organisations and public services.

“I hope my review will reintroduce an element of common sense and focus the regulation where it is most needed. We need a system that is proportionate and not bureaucratic.”

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