In-House Lawyer Claims Age Discrimination & Unfair Dismissal

In-House Lawyer Claims Age Discrimination & Unfair Dismissal

A former in-house lawyer at construction titan has alleged he was unfairly dismissed last year in retaliation for making claims of age discrimination and victimisation against the company.

Anthony Philpott worked at Bovis for 11 years. In his complaint to Watford Employment Tribunal, he states the company’s process was ‘manifestly unfair, flawed and predetermined’.

As part of his age discrimination claim, Philpott alleges he was ‘starved of work’ at the behest of Bovis legal chief, Alistair Cutts. His clam states Cutts made a ‘continuing decision to steer and direct the mainstream areas of legal work’ previously conducted by Philpott to ‘younger members of the legal department’.

The case has been scheduled for a 20-day hearing scheduled to begin later this month.

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