Nanny Loses Case Against Heather Mills

Nanny Loses Case Against Heather Mills

The tabloids waited intently for nigh on two months, but need wait no more. The employment tribunal in  has delivered its verdict.

As you may remember, Ms Trumble, 26, alleged and against Ms Mills, claiming she was forced to resign after returning to work from maternity leave in 2008. She claimed Ms Mills treated her in a “humiliating and demeaning” way by replacing her as nanny and asking her to perform cleaning duties, rather than look after Ms Mills’s child Beatrice.

The employment tribunal dismissed both claims. It found that Ms Mills’s “regular and unsolicited acts of generosity” towards Ms Trumble demonstrated “she genuinely cared for her” and “wished to retain her as an employee and friend”.

“The Tribunal found it was implausible that [Ms Mills] would, on the one hand as alleged by [Ms Trumble] demonstrate hostility towards her because of her pregnancy, maternity leave and child care duties, and on the other hand perform acts of generosity over the period covering those events.”

The tribunal also rebuked both sides for their behaviour in the case: “It was clear from the evidence that the relationship between [Ms Trumble and Ms Mills] had degenerated from what was described at an early stage as akin to a mother/daughter relationship into a series of deeply personal attacks by both sides upon the character and integrity of the other.

“During the tribunal hearing and in the written submission [Ms Trumble] accused [Ms Mills] of being distrustful, paranoid, confrontational, unpleasant, despicable, nasty and a well verse liar.

“[Ms Mills] accused [Ms Trumble] of being motivated by personal greed, desiring notoriety and financial gain from newspaper articles revealing details of the private lives of [Ms Mills] and her family.

“In assessing the credibility and integrity of witnesses the tribunal decided to ignore the hyperbole and personal attacks conducted by the parties and by their representatives on their behalf, and instead relied upon the evidence placed before it.”

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