Unfair Dismissal: Drink Driving Prosecutor Fired For… Drink Driving

Unfair Dismissal: Drink Driving Prosecutor Fired For… Drink Driving

A former criminal prosecutor who helped ensure “Britain’s worst drink driver”, , received a of “nine lifetimes plus 109 years”, has abandoned her claim for and after she was fired for – yes, you’ve guessed it – .

Anne Hart, 39, crashed into a parked car in Dundee in July last year with such force that it actually flipped onto its side. Apparently she collided with the vehicle while “trying to light a cigarette”. She fractured her sternum and right arm as a result of the incident, which occurred just months after she was cleared of being ‘‘ of a vehicle… despite the almost three times over the .

Following the July crash, Ms Hart was  and dismissed from the . In mitigation, she told the court her “alcohol intake had become problematic” following her mother’s death and the break-up of her marriage, and that she is now receiving treatment.

She subsequently filed a claim for and  and was due to appear before an employment tribunal this week. But she has now abandoned her case. She has refused to comment on the reasons, but it is known that she has found a new job working at Dundee-based solicitors Caird & Vaughan.

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