Toyota employees flock to sign up for voluntary redundancy scheme

Toyota employees flock to sign up for voluntary redundancy scheme

1,000 employees at Japanese car giant Toyota have applied for voluntary , according to the . Two weeks ago the company, which currently employs around 4,000 workers in the UK, announced it was making 850 people redundant — 100 at its Deeside plant near Chester and 750 at its Burnaston plant near Derby.

Those who participate in the scheme stand to be paid a minimum of one year’s salary as a pay-off. And those who have worked for the company for five years or more will be entitled to one week’s pay for every year they have been with the firm.

A spokesman for Toyota said: “We can confirm that more than 1,000 people have already applied for voluntary redundancy.

“This figure is obviously already in excess of the 850 that we set out to achieve when we confirmed plans earlier this month.

“Staff are currently in the process of assessing each application on a case by case basis.”

Staff have until August 17 to register an interest in the voluntary redundancy scheme.

The Burton Mail quotes one employee as saying: “People cannot believe the number of workers who have already come forward with regards to the scheme.

“The package on offer is incredible and some of the boys who have only been here for a couple of years are set to get a good chunk of cash if they decide to go.

“The age old problem is that it is okay taking the cash, but if you don’t get a new job, you will just end up frittering away the money.

“With still more than three weeks left, feeling among the workers is that a lot more may be signing up for the scheme.”

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