Copyright dispute over Harry Potter condoms

Copyright dispute over Harry Potter condoms

“It’s the boy wizard as you’ve never seen him before. He has the trademark round spectacles and the regulation magic wand. But his tongue is extended in a lascivious manner and his thoughts are purely carnal. For good measure, he is in the guise of a pink, pimpled prophylactic.” – Xan Brooks.

Yes, it appears nothing is sacred these days. Even poor old Harry Potter…

Swiss paper Bote reports that Warner Brothers has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of Harry Popper condoms for copyright infringement.

“The image of my client is in danger,” a Warner Brothers lawyer is quoted as saying. “This is clearly a reference to the film and fictional character of Harry Potter. Everyone who sees the condoms automatically thinks of Harry Potter.”

The condoms seem to have become quite popular since going on sale in 2006. A has even been created to promote their benefits.

Sadly, however, fans of the bespectacled prophylactics may need to find a new brand to latch on to.

The Harry Potter brand name has been valued at around £15bn and lawyers for both Warner Bros and author JK Rowling have earned a reputation for tenaciously fighting to protect it.

Of course, the entire story could simply be a promotional ruse…

The next installment of Harry Potter — The Deathly Hallows: Part I — is scheduled to release in November. I certainly wouldn’t put it past a clever PR person to circulate a story as a way to ramp up interest in the film among the now aging (i.e., teenage) Harry Potter audience.

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