Divorce lawyers prepare for Bank Holiday break-up bounce

Divorce lawyers prepare for Bank Holiday break-up bounce

As the Bank Holiday approaches and summertime draws to a close, reports that divorce lawyers expect to see a 15% increase in divorce applications in September.

Research by law firm Dennison Greer Solicitors shows that summer holidays often tend to exacerbate rather than heal relationship problems, and many couples break up almost as soon as they return home.

Lisa Kemp, the firm’s head of family law, comments: “Couples going away often think that a holiday can fix all the underlying problems. While tensions can rise while you’re on holiday the important thing is dealing with the situation properly.

“However, if you both accept that the relationship has come to an end, then separation and divorce may naturally follow and getting advice from a professional will help with the best course of action.”

Dennison Greer have come up with the following tips to help you avoid a post-holiday break-up:

  1. If you’re experiencing tension, make sure you talk to each other and calmly discuss your problems.
  2. Try and write everything down and share your feelings openly. Being on holiday may give you the space you need to talk things through, so take advantage of the time you have together.
  3. Do a little research before you leave for things you think the other might like to try and surprise each other when you get there.
  4. Try to avoid disagreements about childcare by agreeing shifts to give each other a rest. Also investigate other childcare options while you’re away, like kids clubs, etc.
  5. Put your heads together and plan travel itineraries jointly so both of you get to do things you enjoy while you’re away. And try to compromise a little!

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