Pre-op transsexual sacked for showing up at work in a skirt

Pre-op transsexual sacked for showing up at work in a skirt

A transsexual care worker in Lincolnshire has launched claims for unfair dismissal, sexual discrimination and loss of earnings after she was sacked for showing up at work wearing a skirt.

Rachel Millington, formerly Andrew Millington, claims Cleethorpes-based Housing And Support Solutions Limited terminated her contract just three days after she announced her decision to change gender.

The 24-year-old said: “I think it’s ridiculous and completely unfair. I’m just trying to get on with my life. I’m not causing any harm to anyone.

“The disabled people I was working with didn’t have a problem … just my colleagues and bosses.”

She claims that company management asked her to apologise for ‘upsetting’ staff when she changed her name. She also alleges that they said her desire to change gender was a ‘phase’ that she would eventually grow out of.

“I couldn’t believe their reaction — they spoke to me like a silly child.

“They said Rachel should be kept for private. But I know my rights. And I knew they couldn’t stop me from being Rachel.

“The managers called a staff meeting, which I wasn’t allowed to attend, and told the rest of the staff that they didn’t like me being Rachel, but that they had to put up with it by law.

“I was mortified. A week later, they gave me an appraisal, and said that although my work was good, I had made other members of staff feel uncomfortable, and ordered me to apologise to them.”

Housing And Support Solutions Limited have so far refused to comment on the case, but are expected to deny the allegations. An employment tribunal hearing is scheduled to begin next month.

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