Health and safety responsibilities in spotlight as RMT worker wins £9,750

Health and safety responsibilities in spotlight as RMT worker wins £9,750

The TUC reports that a member of the RMT union who suffered a badly burned leg replacing rails at Cogan Station in the Vale of Glamorgan has won £9,750 compensation.

The railway worker, whose name has not been released, suffered the injury because a disc cutter ignited off a spark from the rail and caught fire, which burnt through his clothing and seared his leg.

The man had not been provided with suitable personal protective equipment and received permanent scarring as a result of the incident.

Bob Crow, RMT general secretary, said: ‘The health and safety of our members is paramount and we will always back those who are, unfortunately, injured at work due to the negligence of their employers. Our member’s injury could have been much worse and we hope that his employer, and other rail industry employers, will adhere in the future to the regulations that are designed to prevent such injuries.’

Clare Nash, from Thompsons Solicitors, the law firm brought in by RMT to handle the compensation claim, said: ‘Since the member’s accident, his employer has supplied overalls to wear when carrying out this sort of work. This is a good thing, but it should not have taken an incident such as this to make it happen. The law is clear — if the employer cannot control risk by another means, then it must provide personal protective equipment to protect against the risk.’

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