Can Alan Johnson save his marriage?

Can Alan Johnson save his marriage?

Alan Johnson headed home to his wife today for the first time after his ten-year affair with a single mother was exposed.

It has not been a good month for the MP for West Hull and Hessle. Both his career as a politician and his marriage are in tatters.

Worse was to come after it was revealed last week that Johnson’s wife Laura faces a police investigation for her alleged affair with one of her husband’s bodyguards, Pc Paul Rice.

Mrs Johnson is reported to believe her marriage is over and is set to seek a divorce. But what is the law for the couple, who also have a ten-year-old son?

Both parties have had an affair which is grounds for either party in England to state an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

To prove an irretrievable breakdown of marriage, one party must demonstrate one or more of the following ‘facts': (a) adultery; (b) unreasonable behaviour; (c) two years’ desertion; (d) separation with consent for two years; and/or (e) separation without consent for five years.

Yet who will call their solicitor first?

Mr Johnson and his wife separated last week, days before he resigned as shadow chancellor.

Laura Johnson is the MP’s second wife. He married Judith Merritt in 1969. They split in 1988 and have two grown-up children.

Can the Johnsons save their marriage?

Or is divorce inevitable for the couple?

Does politics deserves to lose such a significant figure from its frontbench?

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