Injury: Brain injury worker wins £7m compensation

Injury: Brain injury worker wins £7m compensation

A boatyard worker has won a £7 million payout this week after he was injured during a work shift in Bembridge on the Isle of Wight.

Kevin Cleightonhills, 26, was hit by falling metal as he attempted to store a boat for his employer Bembridge Outboards.

In September 2006 Cleightonhills was standing on a metal gantry which collapsed under him and fell 15ft (4.6m). Although he landed on his feet, he was hit on the head by falling metal.

Cleightonhills was 21 years old at the time of the personal injury. He was given only a 5 per cent chance of survival following the accident at work.

Five years on, he lives with his family and must receive 24-hour care and support for his brain damage and related illnesses. He has been able to return to voluntary work in a charity shop and has a good quality of life, although he will never be able to live independently.

At London High Court, Judge Gary Burrell QC ruled £7.2 million damages in the defendants favour.

Blake Lapthorn, who represented Cleightonhills said on the BBC website: “This settlement for Kevin provides the reassurance that he will receive care for the rest of his life and is a case that shows what can be achieved when parties work together.”

Bembridge Outboards have expressed their “sincere regret” for the accident.

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