Divorce: Would you bet on Wills and Kate separating after the Royal Wedding?

Divorce: Would you bet on Wills and Kate separating after the Royal Wedding?

Cynical bookmakers are taking bets on whether Prince William and Kate Middleton will divorce after they get married.

The Royal couple are set to have their wedding on April 29, but Brits are already betting the pair will separate soon after.

The good news for William and Kate is that most bookies are giving short odds on them reaching their 10 year anniversary.

As Royal Wedding fever starts to grip the nation, AP say bookmakers are also taking punts on:

  • The length of the bride’s wedding dress train;
  • How late Kate will turn up for her wedding ceremony;
  • The likelihood of a tube strike on the Big Day.

Royal Wedding betting mania has already hit the UK after Ladbrokes claim to have made around £45,000 from punters trying to predict the wedding date and the wedding venue. Westminster Abbey was confirmed in 2010.

The nation is divided as to whether having a flutter on Royal compatibility is harmless fun, or not taking divorce law seriously enough.

It seems for some, the temptation to gamble on the possibility of Wills and Kate eventually filing for divorce is simply too irresistible.

Would you ever bet on someone’s divorce?

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