Motoring law: Name that celebrity car crash!

Motoring law: Name that celebrity car crash!

For everyone who obeys UK motoring law, here is a look back at some of the most famous “pure celebrity car crash disasters” of all time. Reminding us, if it can happen to them…

Below are just a few of the most memorable celebrity motoring law infringements of the past few years.

Findlaw challenges you to remember which stars had the accidents. Go to the MSN website and the answers will be revealed.

  • This star crashed his Range Rover into a high street shop window. Even his solicitors could not stop him serving a four week prison sentence for his second major motoring offence in two years.
  • Which Hollywood A list celebrity showed no respect for the rules of the road after she smashed her BMW into a ‘No Parking’ sign in 2010?
  • One of the world’s greatest sportsmen, but even he could not ‘drive’ himself out of the trees when he crashed his Cadillac Escalade in 2009.
  • Name the famous face who was banned from driving for six months in 2010 after getting 13 penalty points on her licence.

It all goes to show: if it can happen to some of the world’s biggest stars, it can happen to you or someone close to you.

But don’t worry. FindLaw’s online Motoring Centre provides online, in-depth legal information on a variety of UK motoring law topics. Search for accurate, factual information about driving licence endorsements, penalty points, disqualification and driving bans.

Or why not check out the Findlaw Community? If you have any questions about the law, post them on this free to use forum.

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