Motoring law: Swann cleared of drink-driving charge in time for World Cup

Motoring law: Swann cleared of drink-driving charge in time for World Cup

England bowler Graeme Swann has been cleared of drink-driving charges after the judge at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court held his blood sample cannot be used as evidence.

Swann tested positive for having over the legal limit of alcohol in his blood supply last April. The current limit is 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood. His solicitor argued that his blood sample should not be admissible as evidence due to the possibility of its contamination.

The England spinner expressed relief that the trial, which was postponed several times while he was on tour with England for the Ashes, has been resolved.

Swann’s wife is due to give birth tomorrow (Feb 17) and he is expected to join the England squad for training for the World Cup which starts this Saturday (Feb 19) in Bangladesh.

Swann’s solicitors must be breathing a metaphorical sigh of relief that the drink-driving charges have been dismissed. Prior to the blood contamination argument, the Nottinghamshire spinner’s defence to drink driving was that he needed to get to his local Asda in order to buy a screwdriver – his pet cats had become trapped underneath his floorboards.

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