Criminal law: Raoul Moat accomplice faces jail for perverting the course of justice

Criminal law: Raoul Moat accomplice faces jail for perverting the course of justice

Scott Raisbeck faces jail after admitting to Newcastle Crown Court that he helped Raoul Moat during the gunman’s week on the run from the police after he killed one person and wounded two others.

Raisbeck has been found guilty of perverting the course of justice and handling stolen goods after admitting to his part in Moat’s crime.

During his rampage, Moat stole a Ford Transit van from Hartlepool borough council, which Raisbeck hid for him and also disposed of its keys. Raisbeck also hid other pieces of evidence that could have proved useful to the police in the manhunt.

Raoul Moat murdered Christopher Brown last year in July. He also wounded Brown’s girlfriend, and Moat’s ex-girlfriend, Samantha Stobbart. Then while on the run, Moat shot a policeman in the face, blinding him.

Two of Moat’s accomplices have already been convicted and sentenced in March. Both were given life sentences for aiding Moat in murder, conspiracy to murder and attempted murder.

Raisbeck has been released on bail pending pre-sentence reports, but will appear in court again in June.

Mr Justice Coulson said to Raisbeck: “It is important for you to understand I will impose a prison sentence on you.

“The pre-sentence report is to get an idea of the appropriate period.”

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