Criminal law: Woman puts toddler for sale on eBay

Criminal law: Woman puts toddler for sale on eBay

In a recent case of suspected child abuse, police in Michigan, USA, are investigating a woman who advertised a two-year-old girl for sale on eBay.

They were made aware of the case after they received several calls about the advert. One caller, assuming it was a hoax, had even bid $1,000 (£618). On finding their bid was accepted, the bidder contacted the police, asking them to get the advert removed.

The woman who posted the advert claims it was intended to be a joke.

She said: “It was just a joke, that’s all. You are all taking it way too seriously and blowing it way out of proportion.

“I was just trying to see how this ‘reserve met’ thing works and…I thought well wouldn’t it be funny, seeing as I have all these pictures of her on my computer to put her on there
“I thought nobody would take it seriously.”

The woman is believed to have been taking care of the child while the mother was away. She has since been returned to her mother.

The Ottawa county sheriff’s department said: “At this juncture we really do not believe the child was actually going to be exchanged, we are probably talking more about a false pretence situation.”

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