Domestic violence: Judge found guilty of beating wife

Domestic violence: Judge found guilty of beating wife

A deputy High Court judge was found guilty of assault after he beat his wife for delaying to make his evening meal.

James Allen QC and his wife Melanie, a deputy county coroner, attempted to cover up his crime by lying in court, and they have both consequently been accused of perjury.

Judge Allen became furious with his wife when she put off preparing his dinner in order to offer advice to their cleaner, whose mother had just been diagnosed with cancer.

As soon as the cleaner left, Judge Allen turned on his wife and punched her three times in the face.

But the couple claimed in court that Melanie Allen had punched herself in the face, to try to stop her husband from leaving.

The prosecution presented a recording of the 999 call that was made at the time of the incident by a concerned member of the household.

The caller told the operator that Judge Allen was “trying to kill” his wife. In the background could be heard Mrs Allen shouting, “Look at me, look at what you have done to me you stupid man. You have done all of this to me you stupid idiot.”

In court, Judge Allen admitted that he had been “irritable” due to his hunger.

District Judge Daphne Wickham did not believe that Mrs Allen had harmed herself, despite the defence lawyer claiming that to reveal such an embarrassing fact meant “it can only be the truth”.

Judge Wickham found Allen guilty of assault saying, “I am satisfied he lost his temper and snapped.”

Mrs Allen allegedly told the police that her husband had attacked her and that he had done it to her previously. She had also spoken about divorce.

However, the couple are still living together.

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