Privacy law: Another famous footballer, another secret gagging order

Privacy law: Another famous footballer, another secret gagging order

The latest public figure to obtain an injunction from the court preventing the press from reporting the details of their private life is another famous footballer.

The highly-paid sportsman has obtained a gagging order that prevents his name and the details of an extra-marital affair from being made public by the media.

However, the 18-year old with whom it is alleged he had the affair has been named as Kimberley West. She claims to have had a three-month affair with the footballer after they met in a nightclub.

Privacy injunctions and their even more secretive sibling, the super injunction, have caused a lot of controversy in the media in recent months. The press and MPs are concerned that freedom of speech and transparency are being forfeited by the courts’ seeming willingness to protect the rich and famous.

On the other hand, famous individuals and public figures argue that they have the right to privacy when it concerns their private life and where it does not service the public’s interest to know the details.

The television journalist Andrew Marr recently revealed that he had obtained a super injunction to prevent details of an extra-marital affair from becoming public.

The Conservative MP Matthew Offord became the latest MP to voice his concerns over injunctions when he spoke to the Commons on Thursday 5 May. He is unlikely to be the last as the rich and famous continue to obtain injunctions to hide the embarrassing details of their private lives.

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