Defamation: Man charged for falsely accusing Louis Walsh of indecent assault

Defamation: Man charged for falsely accusing Louis Walsh of indecent assault

After meeting Louis Walsh at a Westlife concert in Dublin last year, 24-year-old Leonard Watters accused the X Factor judge of indecently assaulting him in a nightclub toilet.

But the claims made by Watters were found to be false and yesterday (29 June) he appeared at a hearing at Dublin District Court where he was charged under section 12 of the Irish Republic’s Criminal Law Act.

The Garda Síochána has confirmed that they have ceased investigating the allegations against Louis Walsh.

Watters faces potential punishments ranging from a fine of €500 to five years imprisonment, but in the meantime he has been released on bail on condition that he does not contact either Louis Walsh or the boyband Westlife, which Walsh founded.

Watters told the Garda that he had no fixed abode but, as part of his bail conditions, the judge stated it was necessary for him to provide an address.

His sentencing will take place on the 7th September.

Louis Walsh said he was “relieved and overjoyed” that the incident is over and that he is “looking forward to getting back to work”.

However, he has promised to “vigorously pursue” legal action against the Sun newspaper for reporting the allegations when Watters first made them.

Walsh claimed that he wants “total and absolute vindication”.

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