Employment law and David Cameron’s upcoming reform plans

Employment law and David Cameron’s upcoming reform plans

In light of David Cameron’s planned reform of employment tribunals in the UK it is now important for both employers and employees to understand their implications under employment law.

Changes to the qualifying period for unfair dismissal claims

One proposed change would see employees barred from taking out unfair dismissal claims during their first two years of employment, as opposed to the current minimum of one year.

In an attempt to eradicate spurious and vexatious claims, ministers are also in consultation over the introduction of fees for employees who bring their claim to tribunal.

There has been an inevitably mixed response to the new proposals with claims of erosion in access to justice for the employee, countered by a belief that they will provide businesses with the confidence to hire.

The importance of a specialist employment solicitor

If you live in this region and need clarification of your employee rights or if you are an employer who is unsure of when you may terminate an employees’ contract, you should contact a specialist employment solicitor

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